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Yes, we are REALTORS® like the over 1 million REALTORS® who belong to the National Association of REALTORS® "NAR". We all know a neighbor, relative or friend who belongs to NAR.

Dorothy.com exist for the mutual benefit of our members with earnings returned on a patronage basis.  Such patronage dividends help boost the income of our Members directly or by reducing the effective cost of the services provided. Members include sellers, buyers, landlords, agents, employees and investors.

On an annual basis, similar to a farmer's co-op,  Dorothy.com shares profits with Members.  Profits are distributed to Members based on life time patronage. Patronage is earned through the process of buying, selling and renting properties. In mathematical terms, the patronage received by a Member is the numerator. The total patronage is the denominator.

Use of the term "member" or "membership" does not convey any eligibility rights for ownership rights in Dorothy.com. In the future, Dorothy.com may or may not convert the patronage and/or give our Members the option to convert into ownership in a public offering. Governments and or REALTOR® Associations may or may not limit our ability to share with our Members in any or all sharing methods. Dorothy.com reserves the right to modify and/or end Membership.

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