SmartAd - Overview

SmartAd - save commissions

88% of buyers start their search on the internet ... then what happens?

SmartAd - receive ALL calls.

 SmartAd  - The Most Powerful Marketing Tool in Real EstateSmartAd

  • Your personal phone number is kept confidential.

  • You're immediately alerted about every call via email and virtual call transfer to your phone.

  • An e-mail is sent to you with the date, time, property address and phone number of the caller.

  • Toll-free number.

  • GET LEADS WHILE THEY'RE HOT, so you can immediately contact them

  • Available to all real estate sellers; no internet connection required

Are you, the Seller, in control of the Buyer or does the REALTOR® control the Buyer?

SmartAd puts you, the seller, in control of the buyer.  With any other REALTOR® the REALTOR® is the one in control of the buyer.   SmartAd  is:
  • built for FSBO's

  • designed to increases the chance of selling with no Buyer's REALTOR®

  • Knows about ALL the leads, not just the ones a REALTOR® tells you about

  • low risk to get started.

  • a toll-free number; increase your professionalism.

  • easy-to-use telephone interface.

  • unparalleled support, 7 days a week. 

  • free.

Seller's MLS number and QR Code is on seller's yard sign.

Yard Sign

A yard sign on steroids

Our professionally manufactured QR yard sign with  SmartAd  has your MLS number prominently displayed to allow drive-by prospects to call and receive information about your home.

The MLS# lets a buyers broker know there is an offer of compensation being offered to the buyers broker.  By knowing the listing details about your home the buyers broker can present your home to their buyer and qualify their buyer for your home.
The MLS MLS #9999 number provides easy access for Buyers driving by your home, REALTORS® via the MLS and millions of consumers via Drive-by prospects can call you and bypass the buyers broker fee. There is a greater opportunity to sell by owner with you as the contact person which can save you the commission being offered to the Buyer's Agent.

QR CodeQR-Code: This is the latest craze in Smart phone technology. Buyers use their smart phone to scan the bar code image and bingo, they are immediately shown or taken to the home's webpage. In the case of, each listing has a unique QR-code that will display the property information, photos, and contact information, all on the buyer's smart phone.  Go ahead and try it!

Are buyers sick of typing long URLs in their smart phone only to have it break when pressing enter? The long address to get to your property information can now be shortened with a TinyURL.  Which would the buyer rather type?

Follow these simple steps on your touch tone telephone:

Try Now1. Call 1-800-936-5478
2. Press option 1.
3. Enter MLS Number 999999# - see what happens when buyers call your advertisement.
4. The buyer is transferred to your phone number.

SmartAd is just plain Smart!

What happens to a lead?

Following a property inquiry, an e-mail is sent to you providing you with the source of the lead, the time the lead was received and the phone number of the caller.

Is your home being used as bait?

Lady on PhoneMost searching of is done in the evening.  Pick any one of the 4 million active listings on and call the contact phone number in the evening (homeowner phone numbers are not allowed on  Most likely you will get voice mail and possibly an agent.  Initially act interested in the property and then decide the property does not meet your criteria.  The next words out of the agents mouth will be an offer to show any MLS listed property.  Is the agent truly trying to sell their client's property or are they using their client's property ad as a lead generator to sell any MLS listed property?  NOT with our service - you are instantly notified about the lead.

Never miss a buyer lead.

Have you ever seen a property on and called the contact REALTOR® phone number after hours to get additional information only to find no information available?  Worse yet - the Seller, who is listed with that REALTOR, does not even know they missed a lead or the phone number to return the call.  NOT with our service - you are instantly notified about the lead. 

Calls are identified.

With  SmartAd  each caller is asked for your MLS# from the ad or sign and the caller is transferred directly to you. A SmartAd email is sent to you identifying the caller's phone number. With  SmartAd , this increases the chance of selling without Commissions! 

Call us now!

You may try the service by calling 1-800-936-5478, take the option to inquire about one of our listings (option 1) and use MLS Number 99999#. See above example.

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