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Showcase Listings = More Buyers

Easily enhance your ad on the #1 real estate site with the features buyers want most with up to 25 jumbo photos, full motion videos, open house alerts, and most importantly - SmartAd routes ALL calls directly to you.

SmartAd puts you in control of the buyer.

  • SmartAd  SmartAd  - puts you in control, not your REALTOR®. All calls received by us are virtually transferred immediately to you using  SmartAd 

  • Know about all calls - with other REALTORS® you never know how many calls your REALTOR® has received about your property - they control the buyer.

  • Sell other listings - when other REALTORS® get the inquiry from a add, the REALTOR® can sell any of the MLS listed properties and earn a commission.

What can Multiple Photos do for you?

25 Photos on REALTOR.comPost up to 25 jumbo size photos per REALTOR.COM listing - grab the attention of buyers - buyers love multiple photos!(1)
  • Attract buyer interest - Photos are the most important feature when buyers search for homes online.(1)

  • Stand out and get more exposure - Listings with multiple photos are more visible to real estate consumers searching online.(1)

  • Impress potential clients - Showcase your home with pictures online.

Open House Alerts - drive buyers through the door.

Showcase Open House
Alert the market to your upcoming open house with a bold button displayed on the search results page before a property is ever even clicked.
  • Grab attention - These prominently displayed alerts grab attention on the search results page.

  • Inspire action - of buyers will drive by or walk through a home first viewed online - open house alerts increase these chances.
  • Success - A staggering 93% success rate.
  • Visitors - twice as likely to be "high quality" as visitors from the newspaper or from yard signs.

Custom headlines and property descriptions - Paint a picture with words.

Custom Headlines
As evidenced by the massive exodus from newspapers to the internet, it's evident consumers are demanding more information. Headlines that "sell" will help your ad stand out when buyers are searching.

Full Motion Video Tour - Market your properties online with full motion video tours.

Showcase Video Tour

What can Full Motion Video Tours do for you?

  • Wow buyers - video is the next best thing to walking through a home in person.
  • Build your property reputation - Demonstrate that you on the cutting edge of online marketing technology.
  • Your property deserves star treatment - Your property deserves the best presentation.
  • Homeowner shoot - Video Tours can be submitted to us in standard format for uploading to
  • 100 million Americans watch over a billion online videos every month, make sure they are watching yours.

Neighborhood Information - Provide valuable community information that is important to buyers.

What can Neighborhood Information do for you?Showcase Neighborhood Information

  • Gain an advantage - Only Showcase customers get neighborhood information, so you will stand out in a crowd.

  • Highlight your Community - Provide information on your community.

  • Build trust and rapport - If you provide great online information, sellers are more likely to seek your property.

Featured Tours - Virtual Tours are one of the most desired online marketing tools.

What can Featured Video Tours do for you?

Showcase Featured Tours
  • Satisfy buyers and sellers - Virtual tours are popular, useful online tools that many buyers now expect.
  • Attract more attention - Your listing will stand out in a crowd.
  • Market your home online - Build your reputation as an online marketing expert using today's most relevant tools.
  • Professionally recorded - Featured Tours are recorded by professionals with unique equipment that provides 360 degree videos.

Powerful Icons on the search results page - stand out and encourage clicks to your ad

Powerful Icon
  • Your ad stands out over other listings when buyers see icons for features such as, Full Motion Videos, More Photos, Virtual Tours and Open House Alerts.
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