"I have used Dorothy.com 3 times and I am very satisfied with their service. I saved a lot of money by using Dorothy.com. My property sold in 45 days. In those 45 days I had over 20 local Realtors show the property to prospective buyers. I turned down offers from 2 different buyers before I accepted the final offer."
Joseph Gloss
Joseph saved $17,127
"I have sold many properties using this service with out any problems and will continue to use Dorothy.com for years to come, Bill Fox has always made himself available to answer any questions and has always gone out of his way to make sure all inquires on my properties have been responded to and handled properly resulting in many trouble free sales."
Gary Dobbler
Dobbler Custom Homes
Gary saved $40,090
"Bill Fox was terrific! He responded to my emails and phone calls within the hour. His responses were always very helpful and informative. He kept me updated throughout the home selling process. He helped me sell and close my home in a fast, easy process."
Randy Green
Randy saved $4,190
"Your endless cooperation."
Arnold Rhoades
Arnold saved $5,400
"We liked your prompt response to our questions and the assistance when we received an offer."
Bob & Jayne Conley
Bob & Jayne saved $26,630
"Lowered the cost of selling my house. My house sold in less than a month."
Brendon Robinson
Brendon saved $9,080
"Was pleasant and helpful."
Brett Porath
Brett saved $5,250
"Thanks for your professional service!"
Dave Curry
Dave saved $16,650
"Dorothy.com helped me to see the end of the selling process in a few weeks compared with previous REALTORS® that took years."
David Neuman
David saved $4,160
"FOXmls.com, the sign, and a completely descriptive brochure at the sign were the keys to getting only qualified calls and moving our home to contract within 30 days."
Dennis & Barbara Leibold
Dennis & Barbara saved $8,700
"Bill, your service was excellent. The lower costs made selling our unit much easier. We had more room to negotiate. We sold to a real estate agent and the closing went through without a hitch. I had and will continue to recommend yourDorothy.com. Thank you for going the extra mile to provide us with valuable guidance, information as well as the excellent service."
Dr. Charles S. Butts
Dr. Butts saved $15,000
"We were very pleased with the service we received fromDorothy.com. We had purchased a sign and never even got it put out before another agent called with a buyer. If we had not listed with your service I am sure the other agent would not have even contacted us. As a result we had an offer in less than a weeks time and we closed with all parties being very satisfied. We would definitely use your service again and I have already sent you other sellers."
Ed and Lainey Loch
Ed and Lainey saved $6,900
"Patient, objective & informative direction."
Gail Hargrove
Gail saved $6,900
"Can not remember a single call (out of many) that was not answered quickly courteously and efficiently."
Glen Muttart
Glen saved $4,380
"Through the assistance of Dorothy.com we were able to access the Multiple Listing Service in order to get much needed "buyer traffic" which resulted in the sale of our condo. We accepted the final contract within 8 days of the initial listing."
Jeffrey and Angela Depew
Jeffrey and Angela saved $6,435
"Quick Sale."
John DeAngelis
John saved $2,520
"Dorothy.com saved me over $20,000 in REALTOR® commissions and allowed me to sell my home in approximately 3 months during the slower winter season. I have since had several friends, neighbors, and relatives call me to ask "How did you do it?" My reply "I called (800)-936-LIST." Thanks FOXmls.com!"
John Diviggiano
John saved $20,385
"We feel that your service is an excellent way to get the most money in our pocket after the sale of our house. We were able to price our house to make it more attractive and we still came out ahead."
Joseph and Joellen Horvath
Joseph and Joellen saved $6,352
"Provided great counseling over the phone! The one thing that helped the most was the comparable sales you provided."
Kim Hamilton
Kim saved $7,350
"Great Service - called right back!"
Kristin Wade
Kristin saved $5,235
"Returned my calls on the weekend."
Lane Kamps
Lane saved $6,480
"We sold our house for $267,500 while others continued on the market."
Larry & Dianne Bevis
Larry & Dianne saved $16,050
"We tried and couldn't do it without the guidance and exposure Dorothy.com provided. We saved thousands of dollars in REALTOR® commission and felt more in control of the process (i.e. setting up our showing times at our convenience and not the Realtors). We refer friends to you whenever possible. Thank you!"
Laurie Garber-Amram
Laurie saved $6,580
"Was helpful all the time. Returned calls right away and was very easy to deal with. Thanks."
Lauri Lively
Lauri saved $6,360
"You saved us money!"
Lee Salas
Lee saved $4,590
"Was always available to answer my questions & help me & was always very pleasant."
Linda Gaddy
Linda saved $4,875
"FOXmls.com  has been the perfect real estate Company to handle our new home sales of models and spec homes. We have our professionals selling our homes to customers who want to build a home to their needs. Their specialty is not reaching out to the buyers who are ready for immediate purchase and move in. The professionals that Mr. Fox and his associates at Dorothy.com take that headache away from them and put it into the hands of Realtors. The REALTOR® multiple listing service is the service Builders need to sell models & specs. We weren't looking for all the fluff – just get it to the real estate professionals. We are very satisfied with the service & turnaround."
Lou Ann Caputo
Regatta Homes
Lou Ann saved $22,080
"I would never use any other service to sell my home. I got answers when I needed them from people who know the answers and fast response time. I received every thing a real estate agent provides. I am an airline pilot and gone 15 days a month. I came very close to selling the property myself. If you´re a person with your feet on the ground and home more than 15 days a month you will sell your home for less and enjoy all the money you saved usingDorothy.com."
Mike Careccia
Mike saved $2,937
"We were very pleased with all your company´s service & professional advice."
Nick Blatto
Nick saved $10,500
"The process was easy & straight forward. All information was presented clearly and in a timely manner. Follow-up and follow through was good. Bill gave me every indication that he was interested and available to answer questions as they arose. I would definitely recommend, and have, this service to other people, selling their homes."
Peter Clayfield
Peter saved $8,430
"I just want to thank you for the unique serviceDorothy.com  provided which resulted in the sale of my home last week!  I found the EXPOSURE of Dorothy.com to be GREATER THAN ANY OTHER service since all types of buyers looked at my home - those working with agents, those wanting to buy from owner, those looking in the MLS, those seeing the yard sign, or those looking in papers.  Although I was formerly listed with a "full service" rep, the highest three offers I got was withDorothy.com! Since I would have had to pay a great deal more with them, the VALUE of your service cannot be matched!  I also found your particular assistance well above the typical Realtor's as far as professionalism. I greatly appreciated that. Thank again, and good luck to you and your service."
Phil Jackson
Phil saved $9,975
"Dorothy.com gave us the exposure we needed to sell our property. We had a contract just 3 weeks after listing. It was so nice to find an alternative to traditional REALTOR® networks. The savings were nice too!  Bill's patience and knowledge of the industry settled any concerns we had. We could not be more satisfied."
Robert & Dean Fowler
Robert saved $2,610
"I had the impression I was being treated honestly, efficiently and courteously."
Roland Bernal
Roland saved $5,550
"Got us exposure on the REALTOR® MLS while allowing us to price the home so it would sell."
Stephen Fruit
Stephen saved $9,750
"Answered all my daily questions."
Susan Newman
Susan saved $14,460
"The only way to save & sell your home. Don't get fooled by a real estate broker, the only thing they do is get you on the MLS listing which opens your house for sale with all real estate companies and agents. Dorothy.com will do this for thousands less. Save money - its very simple - the only way to go."
Troy Appleyard
Troy saved $8,505